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Dale County's Best:

Obituaries of Those in Uniform from Dale County Who Served Our Country


If you have an obituary of a person (not listed below) who served our country, please either email it to, or bring it to the library so we can add it to our collection.  




Last Name First Name Middle    
Andrews Corbie L.     Obituary  
Bagwell Billy Joe Obituary  
Baker Charlie Robert Obituary  
Baker Richard Elmo Obituary  
Baldwin Gene Haywood Obituary  
Barrington James   Obituary  
Bast Kerry   Obituary  
Batchelor Cecil Cowart Obituary  
Beasley Ralph   Obituary  
Belcher Clyde   Obituary
Bell Lowell Griffin Obituary  
Benefield James Aubrey Obituary  
Bess Paul   Obituary  
Blackman Malcolm O. Obituary  
Blackmon Jack   Obituary  
Blackmon James H., Sr. Obituary  
Blankenship Jack   Obituary  
Blankenship Theron   Obituary  
Bludsworth John Luther, Jr. Obituary  
Bodiford Benjamin T. Obituary  
Bolton Donald E., Sr. Obituary  
Bonner Robert Fain Obituary  
Booth Ralph Justice Obituary  
Borland William Boyce Obituary  
Boutwell Mary  Ruth Blackman Obituary  
Bowman Walker R. Obituary  
Brannon Arthur Lee Obituary  
Brannon Robert Jerry Obituary  
Brannon Roscoe   Obituary  
Brewer John   Obituary  


Casey James Lamar Obituary  
Chambers Clifton H. Obituary  
Cullens Jim W.   News Article
Danford John David Obituary  
Danner Luther Edmond Obituary  
Danner Luther Elmer Obituary  
Dansby Ulus O. Obituary  
Davis Houston L. Obituary  
Davis Thomas Jefferson Obituary  
Deal Curtis Powell Obituary  
Dean James M. Obituary  
Deese Edgar   Obituary  
Deese Peyton V. Obituary News Article 
Deloney Charles Abb Obituary  
Dickerson Ira Lavastas Obituary  
Dumas Nancy Mullins Obituary  
Dunn Carl Lee, Sr. Obituary  
Enfinger Hoyt Sylvester Obituary  
Everett Edward J.  Obituary  
Faust J.  P., Dr.  Obituary  
Faust William L. MIA Notice  
Garner Argyl Ramous Obituary  
Garrett Jack R. Obituary  
Gary Charles M. Obituary  
Gary James William Obituary  
Gassett Earl Dykes Obituary  
Gay Ulysses  Lee, Jr. Obituary  
Giles Irvin D. Obituary  
Gill Clayton Earl Obituary  
Gill Clyde   Obituary  
Glenn Cecil   Obituary  
Glover John D. Obituary  
Godwin William Martin Obituary  
Grace James Marion Obituary  
Grant Wayne   Obituary  
Grantham Gary Ned Obituary  
Grantham Jesse Woodrow Obituary  
Gray Gilbert Maurice Obituary  
Griffin Harvey L. Obituary  
Griggs Gordon A. Obituary  
Grubbs Andy   Obituary  
Gunter James Will Obituary  
Hancock Horace   Obituary  
Harding Dewerl Math Obituary  
Helms Dan Dykes, Dr.  Obituary  
Hoage Cletis Melvin Obituary  
Holman Harry Herndon Obituary  
Holman Kenneth, M.D.    Obituary  
Hood Leon L., Jr. Obituary  
Hudson Ercell S. Obituary  
Hudson Fleming A. Obituary  
Hudson Johnny William Obituary  
Hughes James Merlin Obituary  
Hutto John   Obituary  
Ivey Cecil   Obituary  
Jackson Max B. Obituary  
Jackson Shem Campbell, Jr. Obituary  
Jackson Shem Campbell, Sr. Obituary  
Jenkins Henry   Obituary News Article
Jenkins James Frank Obituary  
King Dan Howard Obituary  
King James L. Obituary  
Logan Lester W. Obituary  
Long George Clyde Obituary  
McCready James Wylie Obituary  
McDaniel Jimmy Ray Obituary  
McGill Mitchell B. Obituary  
McLeod Marvell   Obituary  
Melton L.  H.   Obituary  
Minks LC   Obituary  
Paramore Durwood Lewis Obituary  
Parker Patrick Allen Obituary  
Parker William D. Obituary  
Peacock Virgil   Obituary  
Pippin James T. Obituary  
Potts Ernest Bela Obituary  
Powell Norman Eugene Obituary  
Preston William S. Obituary  
Price Ernest Jordan, Jr.  Obituary  
Price W. Porter, Jr. Obituary  
Proctor William James Obituary  
Rhodes Roland Leverne Obituary  
Richardson Charles L., Jr. Obituary  
Richardson James Ennis Obituary  
Richardson James Esker Obituary  
Riley Eston      News Article
Roberson Perry M. Obituary  
Roberts LaJoie   Obituary  
Saliba Thomas S. Obituary  
Sanders Billy R. Obituary  
Sanders Jimmie Ray Obituary  
Sansbury George I. Obituary  
Sauls Elvin Gene Obituary  
Sconyers Edward A., Jr. Obituary  
Sconyers John H. Obituary  
Searcy Tump B. Obituary  
Sellers William Randol Obituary  
Senn Bermont   Obituary  
Sewell Wilson  P. Obituary  
Shepard Charles Eugene Obituary  
Smith Ensign Evelyn   News Article 
Smith Ernest Foy Obituary  
Smith Ralph M. Obituary  
Smith Sam J.  Obituary  
Smith William C. Obituary  
Snell Ebben T., Sr. Obituary  
Snell Jesse F.    News Article
Snellgrove John Louis Obituary  
Snellgrove William Jones, Rev. Obituary  
Sollie James Johnson, Sr. Obituary  
Stephens Calvin H. Obituary  
Stephens Johnnie J.  Obituary  
Strickland Lewis David (L.D.) Obituary  
Stubbs Donald   Obituary  
Stubbs Kermit   Obituary  
Tarter David Michael Obituary  
Taylor James W., Jr. Obituary  
Taylor Olin M. Obituary  
Tharpe Doug   Obituary  
Tharpe James Webster Obituary  
Thompson Lunie H. Obituary  
Thompson Quinton   Obituary  
Thompson Rhodes Maxwell Obituary  
Tice Benny Paul Obituary  
Tilley James P., III Obituary  
Tomlin Ronnie Erwin Obituary  
Trawick Dan Gilbert Obituary  
Trawick Dwight Lamar Obituary  
Trawick Edward   Obituary  
Turner Kella David Obituary  
Turner Mack   Obituary  
Turner Willie B. Obituary  
Turnipseed Dorothy Stough Obituary  
Vines Herbert Milton Obituary  
Waddell James E.J. Obituary  
Walker Elvin R. Obituary  
Walker Henry C. Obituary  
Walker Rex   Obituary  
Wallace Horace   Obituary  
Wallace Marion Howard Obituary  
Wallace Sam   Obituary  
Ward James H. Obituary  
Warrick Paul   Obituary  
Watson Allen Lamar Obituary  
Watson James Howard Obituary  
Watson Maxwell M. Obituary  
Watson Ricky, Sr.   Obituary  
Weaver Robert T., Jr.  Obituary  
Weed Glenn B., Sr. Obituary  
Weed Hubert Alvin Obituary  
Weed James Arlis Obituary  
Weed Luther F. Obituary  
Weed W. T.   Obituary  
Weems Max Jerome, Jr. Obituary  
Wells Leslie E. Obituary  
Whatley Robert E. Lee, Jr. Obituary  
White Mansfield Patrick Obituary  
Whitman Byron H., Jr. Obituary  
Whittington Jimmy   Obituary  
Wiggins Joseph O'Neal, Sr. Obituary  
Williams Cecil Ralph Obituary  
Williams H. L.   (Hank) Obituary  
Williams Russell   Obituary  
Willis John T. Obituary  
Willis Rymer   Obituary  
Wilson Earl Ray, Sr. Obituary  
Wilson Wilbur D. Obituary  
Windham Charlie (Lunie) Obituary  
Windham Codie Lee Auston Obituary  
Windham Lillian Voncile Obituary  
Wood Sam Howell Obituary  
Woodall John J.  Obituary  
Woodard Don Junior Obituary  
Woodard Elisha   Obituary  
Woodard Homer Oscar Obituary  
Woodham Ben H. Obituary  
Woodham Junior   Obituary  
Woodham Tommy E. Obituary  
Woods Newton   Obituary  
Wright Billy Charles Obituary  
Wright Jack Hulon, Sr. Obituary  
Wright James W. Obituary  
Wright Max   Obituary  
Wynn Thomas Frank Obituary  
Yarbrough Earl   Obituary  
York Donald Wallace Obituary  
Young Dorothy Morgan Obituary  
Ziglar Charles Thomas, Sr. Obituary  
Ziglar Robert L. Obituary