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Please come and join us for popcorn and a movie Saturday October 25. We will be showing Hotel TransylvaniaEverything is free!!!This program is for children. For more information Click here!



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Lawyer Clayton Davis' Elder Law Program

Clayton Davis has practiced Elder Law for 35 years, the longest in America! He gave a very informative, yet entertaining program about medicare, wills, power of attorney, deeds, and other subjects.  Listed below are some tips that he gave:

  • Power of Attorney - You should have one, but be careful because that person should be someone that you trust.  It can be a spouse, a family member, or even a good friend.
  • Deeds - Make sure that surviorship is listed on there or else each of you own half, and if your significant other passes away, you will have to get ownership of the other half.
  • Get a legal checkup!!! As you would go to the doctor to get a health checkup, you should do a legal checkup once a year to make sure that everything if completed, up to date, and the best benefits that you can have.
  • Medicare - Reevaluate every once in a while as you may become eligible after certain events take place, such as a loss of spouse, a divorce, a marriage, etc.
  • Medical Coverage - Always look for other options, even if you just LOVE the plan that you're currently on! Most likely, there may be something better out there!
  • Wills - Have an alternate.
  • Medicaid - Save medical, bank, and check documents for FIVE YEARS. You need to keep those documents.

Check out the documents below as there is some important information in them!

Clayton Davis Elder Law Medicare Program September 2013 by odcpl


 Dealing with Disaster


Red Cross

The Red Cross provides disaster education and responds to disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, or other situations that can cause human suffering. It provides emergency housing, clothing, food, personal hygiene items, replacement of medications and medical devices, as well as crisis counseling. Additional services may include helping prepare a recovery plan; assisting with rent, deposits, and utiities; and assisting with funeral expenses and memorial services in case of deaths caused by a disaster.

In addition to explaining how to access its services, the Red Cross website has a section titled "Preparedness Fast Facts." It is a series of concise articles explaining how to prepare for virtually all of the risks people might face. The website also enables people to register themselves as "safe and well" to let family members know of their well-being after a disaster.

All Red Cross assistance is given free of charge and made possible through volunteer and donor contributions.

 On Display

  ~Historical Artifacts-old family Bibles and more!

 ~Hand-Painted China Set

~T-Rex Art by: Tim Richardson

~~Please come by anytime to check out our wonderful displays!~~  


Earth's Past by Tim Richardson Binder of Progression of ArtworkEarth's Past by Tim Richardson 

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